Pixel Stories - Don't forget the pictures function of your browser!

What the heck is Pixel Stories?

Hello, and welcome! Pixel Stories is a collection of websites containing some creations of mine, mainly using minimalistic pixel-arts. Those pixel-arts are heavily inspired by the promotional work of Capcom with its Ace Attorney franchise, nevertheless you'll see that I made many more characters than Capcom!
Being French, my work is mainly in my language. Some pages are still viewable by non-French-speaking people too, and that's what this english section is all about! There's even english-speaking exclusive content! Woohoo!

What is available in english?

If you take a look at the French sections, you'll see that it's far more developped. Still, some projects remain available in both languages. The first one is Pixel Wright: Ace Whattorney, a story using largely pixel-arts from Capcom, with some original creations. Let's add that one of the chapter is not only translated, but adapted to english audience, so you'll see some differences between original and english versions!
We'll talk more about the second project, Pixel Database, later. Finally, the Digimon project is still under development.
If you know some french, please feel free to take a look at the French section. As said before, this is obviously the most maintained section of Pixel Stories.

May I use your pixel-arts?

That's the point of Pixel Database: you can use everything from there! Still, there are some terms and conditions:
1. Don't make money with it. These characters are not yours, and they're not mine either. Furthermore, I draw the pixel-arts. So, please only use them in free contents.
2. Please send me an e-mail (gold@u-timelab.com), I'd really like to see what you did with my work!
3. Always give credit and link pixelstories.fr somewhere in your work, please.
4. I won't be held responsible for anything outside pixelstories.fr.

Please note that characters you may see in the French part of Pixel Stories (For example Espion i) may be original creations. Please restrain yourself to take them; or contact me first.

Some content seems to remain unfinished!

I know. Sorry about that. Pixel Wright's prologue don't have a proper ending in French, and one of its chapter is only available in this language. Unfortunately, please don't expect to see more Pixel Wright in the future.
But hey, in a brighter side, that means new contents for other stories!

Where's Wally?

Not on my wallpaper, sorry! You can still find Super-Soldier, Leorina, the Digimon Kaiser, Hunter the Cheetah, there's even Zebedee and Mask⭐DeMasque!